Black Seed Blend

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GI Infusions  Proprietary Black Seed Blend 105 Grams

Ingredients: Organic Black Cumin & Papaya Seed

Supports the body's natural process for eliminating Parasites. 100% organic/wildcrafted ingredients. Hand harvested and dried with low heat ensures the integrity of the enzymes.

Take 1 Tbls once a day for seven days.  If this product is not used with our enema products we recommend using a gentle laxative to aid in elimination

Here is an abstract from Pubmed regarding the use of Papaya seeds for parasites:


The tropical fruit Carica papaya and its seeds have proven antihelminthic and anti-amoebic activities. To determine the effectiveness of air-dried C. papaya seeds on human intestinal parasitosis, 60 asymptomatic Nigerian children with stool microscopic evidence of intestinal parasites received immediate doses (20 mL) of either an elixir composed with air-dried C. papaya seeds and honey (CPH) or honey alone (placebo) in two randomized treatment groups. Repeat stool microscopic examinations were conducted 7 days postintervention for intestinal parasites. Significantly more subjects given CPH elixir than those given honey had their stools cleared of parasites [23 of 30 (76.7%) vs. five of 30 (16.7%); z = 4.40, P = .0000109]. There were no harmful effects. The stool clearance rate for the various types of parasites encountered was between 71.4% and 100% following CPH elixir treatment compared with 0-15.4% with honey. Thus, air-dried C. papaya seeds are efficacious in treating human intestinal parasites and without significant side effects. Their consumption offers a cheap, natural, harmless, readily available monotherapy and preventive strategy against intestinal parasitosis, especially in tropical communities. Further and large-scale intervention studies to compare C. papaya with standard antiparasitic preparation are desirous.





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