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Chakra Balance stabilizes, centers and balances at your core vibration. Helps align your subconscious with your conscious and catalyzes stagnate energy to move out.


DETAILED DESCRIPTION, utilizing the vibrational qualities of flower essences that align with life force frequency of each chakra.  This remedy creates a powerful catalyst for balance and healing.  This blend of essences act on the individual Chakra centers and balance, stabilize and clear blocked or stagnant energy.  Chakra Balance is an aromatic/foundationally energetic remedy that addresses the energetic needs of each chakra as well as working in synch to ground, boosts the immune system, and instill a sense of wellbeing.


First Chakra Root, Awa Awa Puhi Ginger Blossom Flower Essence   regulates the root chakra with powerful Earth energy, grounding and enhancing a deep awareness physical bodies and our direct connection to the Earth through the base of the spine.

Second Chakra Sacral, Wild Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence inspires transition to intimacy lacking ego or expectation. This is the highest expression of intimacy and pleasure. Hibiscus, and it’s inherit feminine qualities, kindle our natural capacity for sensuality and empathy with healthy boundaries.                                               

Third Chakra Solar Plexus, Wild Iris Flower Essence of gently eases tension in the solar plexus allowing balance and positive shift. The ability to live in the moment, relinquishing the illusion of control and feeling life lighten and brighten up. Depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed melt into peaceful harmony when the 3rd chakra is balanced.

Fourth Chakra Heart, Wild Fern Bud Flower Essence release negativity and arouses our capacity for self-love.  This catalyzes our ability to release self-harming patterns that make us suffer such as self-loathing, fear and guilt and renews our sense of joy and the ability to heal ourselves and others.

Fifth Chakra Throat, Wild Hawaiian Orchid Flower Essence energetically clears negative emotions, allowing the freedom and confidence to speak our truth while fears, doubts and frustrations melt away. This Empowers a flood of authentic and inspired expression and ability to speak from our core flows effortlessly

Sixth Chakra Third Eye, Passion Flower Essence clears the cob webs of our imagination and intuition. Clarity is restored, good decision making becomes easy as our ability at self-deception becomes less likely. We learn to trust our inner voice with a tangible confidence as stagnate energies are cleared

 Crown Chakra Kauai White Hibiscus, Essence brings you into alignment with the aspect of spirit. Opening the Crown inspires the cosmic flow of divinity and wisdom to flow through the center of our being often steering us to our path of highest good, joy and unconditional love. Great wisdom of the ages can be accessed by a clear and activated crown and allows us to experience the joy of our human selves.

Ingredients: Lava filtered spring water distilled with wild yellow ginger, organic cinnamon, organic lavender eo, organic grapefruit eo, flower essences of wild awa awa puhi,  passion flower,  Hawaiian hibiscus, iris, orchid, fern bud, White Hibiscus, organic grapefruit seed extract.