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Herbal Defense Mosquito Spray 16 Fl oz,  

Safely and effectively deters mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. This blend of Hawaiian distillates and essential oils combats a host of biting, blood sucking disease vectors.

100% DEET free and made with renewable resources, sustainably harvested on Kauai. Contains 98% Hawaiian plant matter distilled in spring water and a proprietary blend of essential oils including lemon eucalyptus and Kauai Neem.

The research supporting the use of these natural compounds is good news for those who live in areas where ticks and mosquitoes thrive. According to the Center of Disease Control Lemon Eucalyptus protects as effectively as low-concentration DEET against mosquitoes, midges and deer flies.

Cross-Over Field Trials also Shows that lemon eucalyptus and neem oil protect against tick bites as published by the Journal of Medical Entomology, 41(6), 1064-1067. According to the research, the chemical compound PMD (para-menthane-3,8-diol) found in lemon eucalyptus and azadirachtin the compound found in neem oil are highly effective in deterring ticks form attaching and infecting there human hosts. Herbal Defense Outdoor Spray is not a registered repellant.

The FDA recommends that any product using oil of lemon eucalyptus not be used on children under 2 years. DONT FORGET THE ANTS!! Herbal Defense Outdoor Spray works inside as well. Naturally Kills and deters ants and has a lovely citrus aroma.

This product is not a registered "repellant" and has not been evaluated by the FDA.